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Spicewood, Texas


Hunstville, Alabama


Cranbrook, British Columbia - Canada


Banner Elk, North Carolina


Moreland Hills, Ohio


  • The Interluxe campaign led to more activity on the property than we had experienced in almost four years of traditional real estate brokerage. Ultimately, we sold the house because of the added excitement generated by the auction.

    Brent Rice Happy Client
  • As an owner of a marketing company, I appreciate good promotion when I see it. Interluxe provided excellent promotion for my luxury home and produced more results for me than my 3 previous listing agents combined. I highly recommend Interluxe for producing qualified and motivated buyers.  

    Randy Lukas Happy Client
  • I know, Stacy, you know very little about professional football, but you definitely know about buyers, how to work with them and how to qualify the real buyers from the phonies. As you can imagine there have been a lot of people that have pretended to have the money to buy my house that didn’t. I am glad you knew how to qualify them so we wouldn’t become falsely hopeful. You and your team did a great job!

    Walter Jones Happy Client
  • Your model at Interluxe provided me with a level of control and transparency that is unique to the auction world. I was able to monitor the whole effort and felt empowered in the process. On a personal note it was a pleasure to work with you and I felt your total commitment to my success.

    Clay Cipione Happy Client
  • I was searching for a way to get circling buyers off the fence. The Interluxe platform was attractive to me because of its focus on luxury properties and power to create a deadline. Your marketing offerings were expansive, customer service is excellent, and I will certainly look at using your firm again in the future.  

    Keith Novick Happy Client
  • I am sure 3,000 hits on our house isn’t a record but, it sure makes us feel good. All the agencies put together over the years has never produced those results.

    Vicki Schmitt Happy Client
  •  I would highly recommend Interluxe to other sellers. I placed my faith in Interluxe to deliver a sale when traditional sales methods had not been successful. It was a professional, methodical process every step of the way, and the marketing program created the ultimate urgency and made my home sell quickly - before auction day in fact!

    Dan Means Happy Client
  • Unfortunately, we have encountered a lot of real estate professionals through the course of business that have placed their own personal gain above the job we hired them to do. This has made us especially scrutinous of anyone in real estate. Now doing a second transaction with you has assured us to trust you. You and Interluxe are a firm of integrity. We wish that there were more people like you in luxury real estate.

    Dorothy Christians Happy Client
  • Interluxe was exactly the solution we needed.  Our home lacked exposure and no qualified buyers were coming forth.  With Interluxe it became an exciting sale, buyers internationally were responding to the websites, newspaper ads, and brochures.

    Hans Plechinger Happy Client
  • I had a lot of familiarity with auctions because of our family business, but I knew I needed an auction company that specialized in expensive real estate. Interluxe was the right choice. They had the contacts with hight net worth individuals that could buy my property without thinking twice. I was really happy that Interluxe could work with my agent, because that made it easy too.

    Lee Eaddy Happy Client
Recent & Notable Sales
  • sold_pro
    SOLD: $ 2,621,500 Vail Valley, CO
  • sold_pro
    SOLD: $ 1,837,500 Longmont, CO
  • sold_pro
    SOLD: $ 1,255,000 Greensboro, NC
  • sold_pro
    SOLD: $ 800,000 Banner Elk, NC
  • sold_pro
    SOLD: $ 867,000 Pistakee Bay, IL
  • sold_pro
    SOLD: $ 3,762,500 Spicewood, TX
  • sold_pro
    SOLD: $ 1,675,000 Hamilton, MT
  • sold_pro
    SOLD: $ 1,150,000 Huntsville, AL
  • sold_pro
    SOLD: $ 950,000 Banner Elk, NC
  • sold_pro
    SOLD: $ 1,175,000 Augusta, GA
  • sold_pro
    SOLD: $ 1,639,375 Keystone, CO
  • sold_pro
    SOLD: $ 1,425,000 Longmont, CO

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